A new action park has been inaugurated in Haifa recently.

The X-Park is the largest, most professional challenge park in Israel.

X- Park is a new and unique concept of free time activities that offers a great variety of challenging activities, based on high quality educational values for the individual and for groups at all ages.

X-Park was planned and constructed according to the highest standards while maintaining the principle of establishing a unique activity center the first of its kind in Israel.
It includes a wide variety of facilities designed to challenge every age and level of ability.

X-Park is located in a perfectly suited topographical area in order to allow the individual and the group to enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience.
The complex includes activity areas appropriate for every user from the age of five. 

Height Related Activities:

A climbing wall - a unique, Olympic climbing wall, the first of its kind in Israel including indoor climbing areas.

A Rope Bridge Park - includes 8 different rope bridges at a height of 7 m. As well as lower bridges for younger children.

Giant Omega – allowing an 80m length rappelling down from the height of 30 feet.

Paintball Complex - A virtual battle experience using paint balls. An arena of approximately 2acres that is divided into a virtual battle field, obstacle course and firing range for children.

Skate Park Complex - the largest arena in Israel for skateboard enthusiasts, rollerblades and BMX bicycle riders.

In addition, we can organize a wide variety of unique events for groups such as:

  • - Fun days for staff development
  • - Management seminars (ODT)
  • - Action oriented parties
  • - Bar Mitzvahs and birthday parties for all ages
  • - Bachelor's parties

In other words, the park is a factory of your next boutique event!!!!

For more information please contact: 1599524400

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